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RiSE coffee box reviews Small Batch Coffee Roaster's Rwanda ‘Twongerekawa’ Coffee.

Sep 1, 2023

Small Batch Coffee Roasters and their Rwanda Twongerekawa Coffee. Here’s what RiSE coffee box club members thought of our Rwandan Single Origin coffee. RiSE tells us why they loved it, and more about this excellent cup of coffee.

Batch Coffee Club: Discover Costa Rican Single Origin Coffee

Sep 1, 2023

Costa Rican coffees are known for their gentle sweetness, lightness in body, and clarity in taste. They are typically mild in acidity and often carry hints of honey or molasses. A country renowned for its immense biodiversity, it has long stood as a pioneer in specialty coffee and its rich history is tied to coffee cultivation, now deeply interwoven with the nation's cultural and economic fabric.


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