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Wilfa Performance Thermo Coffee Maker

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High-Performance Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Thermo Jug

Advanced technology guarantees perfect brewing temperature from the first to the last drop

The Wilfa Svart Performance coffee maker has been developed in Norway, in collaboration with World leaders in barista.

Perfect temperature

Unlike most other coffee makers, Wilfa Svart Performance Coffee Maker keeps between 92 and 96 degrees from the first to the last drop.

Unique technology

The pump completely empties the hopper of water at each brewing, therefore there will always be fresh clean water when brewing.

Detachable water tank - always clean water

With a removable water tank that you can fill directly into, you'll always have fresh, clean water for great tasting coffee.


The funnel is silent.

Drip - stop (flow control)

An adjustable drip stop to set how much coffee you brew, and give you perfect coffee no matter the amount.

Approved by ECBC

Performance is approved by ECBC (Norsk Kaffeinformatsjon), which sets requirements for, among other things, water temperature and contact time with the water. In order to get maximum flavors and aromas from the coffee, it is absolutely necessary that the coffee maker works with the right water temperature from the very beginning and throughout the brewing time. At the same time, it is important that the water does not take too short or too long to flow through the coffee powder. Small deviations mean that you can end up with either sour or bitter coffee.

Best in test

Performance was the best in a test at's latest coffee maker test.

Additional Information:

  • Capacity 1.25 litres / 10 cups
  • Brewing time 4-6 minutes
  • 1.25 L Detachable Water Tank
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Removable filter basket
  • 1800 W
  • Stainless Steel Thermo Jug
  • Unique Water Pump Technology
  • High-Performance Brewing System
  • Manual Drip Stop
  • Material:plastic
  • Aroma Control:Yes
  • Auto Off Function:Yes
  • Detachable Water Tank:Yes
  • Ecbc Approved:Yes
  • Heating Element:2
  • Jug Material:Glass
  • Manual Drip Stop:Yes
  • Mixing Lid:Yes
  • One Cup Brewing:Yes
  • Preparation Method:Filter
  • Washable:Yes
  • Accessories:Coffee spoon
  • Designed And Developed In Norway
  • Size (cm) (H/L/W): 40 / 46 / 20.5
  • Weight (kg): 5.5
  • Warranty: Industry-leading 5-year warranty


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