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May Coffee of the Month - Nicaragua Matagalpa

It's time for May's Coffee Club! Every month we like to highlight new and unique coffees, carefully curated by our roastery team to give you varying flavour profiles and new taste experiences.
This month, we've chosen Nicaragua Matagalpa. Matagalpa is the second largest coffee region in the country, with wide territorial expansion to source coffee from different altitudes, microclimates and cup profiles. The region gathers a wide range of coffee varietals, some have been in the region and country for many generations and others come from recent innovations in the Central American region.
Our Senior Roaster, Dan, said "we're really enjoying this washed it produces many surprising flavours on the palette that are more reminiscent of a natural coffee. Featuring the varietals Caturra, Catuai and Parainema, we're finding it works great as both an espresso or a filter brew."
Brew Guide
V60 Recipe For One:
1. Place filter paper into V60 and wet. Weigh out 16.5g coffee and grind to a medium setting. Place coffee into filter paper and level. Tare scales and heat water to 96°C ideally.
2. Set a stopwatch and begin by pouring 45g of water onto the centre of the coffee, ensuring all grounds are saturated, stirring or swirling if required. 
3. Wait until the timer reaches 30 seconds, allowing for the coffee to bloom, releasing gases and oils from the coffee. Then, pour in concentric circles around half a centimetre away from the edge of the coffee until you reach 95g of water.
4. Allow for the coffee to steep and drop about 1cm. Once again, pouring in concentric circles, raise coffee to 145g. Slowly raise brewer, swirl coffee and tap it onto the top of the server to ensure grounds are flat, therefore ensuring an even extraction.
5. Once coffee has steeped a further cm, pour up to 195g, swirling and tapping brewer. 
6. Finishing brewing by repeating these steps again, pouring up to 230g.
7. Allow for all the water to draw down through the coffee, aiming for an extraction time of between three to three and a half minutes.
8. Remove brewer and enjoy your coffee.
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