How To Make The Best Coffee At Home

First up, beans matter! Any true coffee connoisseur will know that these small but mighty beans are a powerhouse of flavour. So many factors affect the taste and aroma you get ­from growing location and processing to the roasting method.

The best way to find your favourite variety is to experiment. explore washed and natural process beans. Try light and dark and give single origin  and blends a go. Why not try the decaf option if you’re trying to cut down on caffeine? The more you try the more you’ll become attuned to subtle differences and can work out what you like best.

You also might want to consider the ethical aspects of your coffee. Are the coffee farmers paid a fair wage? At Small Batch, we work closely with  independent coffee farmers, building strong, long-term relationships to support them fairly.

Finding the perfect grind

Buying whole bean coffee ensures that you get the freshest and boldest flavours. You can grind just as much as you need each tme you make a coffee, meaning whole beans tend to last longer. However if you don't have time to grind your own beans everyday, then buying pre ground coffee is more convenient. If you do this. you want to make sure you get the right grind for your preferred brewing method.

Why is this? Well, the size of the coffee particles will affect how the water runs through and how much flavour gets extracted. If it runs through too quickly, you’ll end up with a weak coffee (under-extracted). Too slowly and you can get a bitter, burnt flavour (over-extracted)

Certain grind sizes work best for different brewing methods:

Ready to Grind
Whole bean
Ready to Grind
Whole bean
Pour Over
Aeropress / Stovetop
Espresso Grind
Turkish Coffee Pot Grind
Extra Fine

Essential Equipment

The Equipment you need mostly revolves around your chosen form of brewing. However, there are a couple of items that are indispensable if you want the ultimate barista experience.

If you use pour over or aero-press method, you might want to invest in a pour-over kettle and filter papers.
Pour over kettles makes sure that you add your water efficiently. Many are suitable for stove-top heating and include a thermometer so you can monitor your temperature.
Filter papers are essential for these brewing methods as they give you smooth, grit-free results. Check which paper size your equipment requires to avoid leaks.


If you chose whole beans, you’ll need a grinder. The beauty of an adjustable grinder is that you can alter the grind level to get the perfect texture.


The best cups of coffee involve precision. Weighing out your ground coffee ensures consistent results every time.


Different methods require different timings. It’s good to set a timer to achieve a consistent brew.


When it comes to making great coffee, water temperature is another area of of precision. While tea may require boiling water, this can scald or burn your coffee, diminishing the flavours.

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